Fieldwork Department


Process of research

Starting to making project of research process firstly we consider such factor as our Client branch
Studying needs of client for who we conduct market researches we try to initially gain knowledge 
about micro and macro environment of Company, become familiar with offer of Clients competition 
in order to clearly determine targets of market research. At the time we not only determine type 
of the research but also make initial list of questions from Client. That list will serve us to phrase 
questions contained in research tool (in case of CATI - in script inserted in our software DRB 
Support). In the end research will answer also on general Client questions but it will happen due 
to questions phrased by DRB Institute specialists. And these questions from DRB specialist will 
appear both in research tool and prepared after research, report.
To every type of research certain questions are conducted. Familiarising with doubts or field 
of action to which Client is going to build his strategy (for example strategy of marketing 
communication), we determine problematics - area of research. For example questions about 
maintaing the client, gaining new clients or increasing clients satisfactions indicates necessity of 
conducting research of satisfaction and loyalty.
Questions about positioning, segmentation, estimation of sale volume, creation of new product 
or service leads to product research. Researches of adverts will help to evaluate effectiveness of 
campaign, attractiveness of used media. Results of advert researches will be invaluable in process 
of modification and creation of new, effective advertisement strategy. Market researches provide 
information about effects of previously realised advertisement campaigns. But also Clients from 
public sector are coming to us: we study opinions about functioning of public institutions, we are 
asking about politic preferences, image of institution or city.
Then we determine topic of research, in other words, sample from which area to certain 
problematics will interest Client (whether from territory geographically defined or range of Company 
environment Clients.) In our Institute we realise researches on every kind of samples, up to 
N=15000. Thus we perform CATI or CAWI both in scale of local surveys, or studies on certain 
target groups, but also all-Poland. Size of sample is depends of subject and target of research, 
but we can confidently say that for Us every sample is the same challenge, because we undertake 
every research project individually and with the same professionalism. Whilst studying Client 
needs, we determine how large should sample be and simultaneously we select method of 
randomisation - selection of persons to sample, which will take a part in research.
When we have analysis of Clients environment, list of questions from Client, and defined 
problematic aspects and topic of research with defined size and way of sample selection, to 
work joins DRB team which is working on research tools including scripts to CATI survey. During 
works on tool we take all remarks and questions into consideration, changing them to questions 
contained in questionnaire of quantitive research or in the case of qualitative research for example 
in questions contained in scenario of FGI research.
Our tool to CATI researches - DRB Support allows to build functional scripts, combining in one 
questionnaire of CATI, different kinds of questions: open questions in text or number form, 
cafeterias with multiple choice, tabular and scale questions. What is more, question of CATI 
research taken into cafeteria form, may also contain scale. DRB Support enables rotation of 
questions and random selection of questions from certain set. Questionnaire to CATI research 
can be tested on each stage to achieve final effect of operationalisation compatible with targets 
of research and rules of professional research of research tools simultaneously. Testing tools 
to CATI research cause that we are sure of its functionality and correct work during main 
research. Process of performing CATI research is always standardised and strictly controlled. It is 
performed accordingly to prepared research protocol. Operational system DRB Support supervises 
proceeding of survey, not allowing for example to ignore question. Warning sign will always 
appear on computer screen and system will make continuation of CATI survey impossible without 
answering on questions left before.
Interviewers from Our Institute are trained both in correct performance of telephone CATI 
Interviews but also are familiarised with whole procedure of such type of research which is one of 
the factors affecting high quality of DRB services. Our CATI studio located in heart of Be³chatów, 
allows to constant listening and observation of interviewers work, thanks to which coordinators are 
kept up to date with realisation of research and have a full control over it. Thereby we minimise 
risk of mistakes. Thanks to own DRB Support programme partial results of research are available 
to view and print during research, and duration of whole project is significantly shortened. In 
DRB Support besides data and results from CATI researches, recorded are also states of 
amount realisation, statistics concerning usage level of respondents base and also about Clients 
After finishing research stage, we go ahead with selection of results analysis method and analysis 
itself. Data are already gained and prepared by DRB Support programme, which significantly 
shorten duration of CATI results analysis. 
Analysis is performed accordingly to research protocol, it is based on gradual reporting and in-between analyses. 
Last stage of works is compiling final report to Client.
Report with researches given to Client contains wide range of data, enclosed in readable for Client 
form, with interpretations and graphic presentations of data.
Our projects of CATI research, and like every other research projects are based on assumption 
that for quality of realisation research projects, cooperation with Client has a huge significance. 
High quality of communication our team with Client assures correct defining of his needs and 
faultless formulation of research methodology, with simultaneous respect to financial capabilities 
and quality standards of our researches.