Fieldwork Department


Why we?

Coordination of Marketing projects:
- More than 200 marketing surveys for customers from whole Poland.
- Realisation of marketing surveys on Czech territory.

Coordination of social projects:
- For Ministry of Defence
- For Office of Fair Trading
- For Polish Agency for Enterprise Development
- For Lubelskie District Marshall Office
- For Lubuskie District Marshall Office.
- For Ełk Municipal Office
- For Giżyck Municipal Office 
- For Kielce Municipal Office
- For Nysa Municipal Office
- For Starogard Gdański Municipal Office
- For Starogard Gdański Commune Office
- For Bobowo Commune Office
- For Białystok job centre
- For Poznań job centre.
Coordination of UE projects
- Business Incubator
- Innovative Economy
- Human Capital
- Information Catalyst
- Investments Catalyst

Supplementary advantages:
- Cooperation with members of Polish Sociological Association 
- Cooperation with members of Polish Evaluation Association
- Our whole work is consensual with ESOMAR codex. 
- Realisation of projects in PKJPA standard.
- Cooperation with members of PTBRIO
- 16 coordinators in every Polish district.
- Own software - DRB Support
- Training of coordinators and interviewers for every new project.
- We give on-line access from administrative side to current survey progress.
- We realise international surveys.