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CAWI Omnibus

CAWI Omnibus is a good solution for customers, who needs one or few key answers to implement 
new marketing strategy or new product.
What is Omnibus:
Omnibus is based on consolidating questions from different companies in one survey. 
We can combine questions gained e.g. from pharmaceutics customer with FMCG customer.
For example questions about painkillers and supplements may be combined with questions about 
herbal preparations and fruit tea. Thanks to combining questions in one survey, every client has a 
little costs to bear and gains answer to questions without which obtaining insight in current issue 
would be hard. 
Some people says that Omnibus is a fast-food type survey, because we can throw almost 
everything in it, and it is causing survey to be unreadable for respondent. We disagree with these 
views about CAWI Omnibus. Subject may not at all feel the switch between questions. To that end 
we group questions included in Omnibus questionnaire, into thematic blocks and we try very hard 
to create logical courses. Thanks to this our CAWI Omnibuses don’t allow to bore the respondent, 
who in situation of randomly arranged questions may feel irritated and intentionally answer “i don’t 
know” or just won’t finish the survey. Such accidents don’t happen in our surveys also because 
our team connect professionalism of CAWI Omnibus tools with emphatic attitude. What is more 
in CAWI surveys conducted by DRB we often use multimedia materials. We adapt to conform 
by experience assumption that respondent doesn’t get bored if filing questionnaire enriched with 
photos, movies or interactive questions (scale with slide, building answers according to importance 
level. CAWI Omnibus Survey allows to combine in one questionnaire multiple choice questions 
with open questions, one choice with multiple choice, questions with scale.

Minus of CAWI surveys is uncertainty of obtaining satisfying number of surveys for client.
We have 25 positions in our CATI studio in heart of Be³chatów.
In situation when supervision of CAWI Omnibus shows unsatisfying level of incoming data, with 
client’s approval we are able to complete it by continuing with CATI technic in our studio.

We constantly watch questionnaires being filled by respondents and react on every situation, that’s 
why our Client always gets reliable survey returns enclosed in readable report.
Besides low cost, unquestionable advantage of CAWI Omnibus survey for Client is getting 
returns of survey on really large samples, up to N=10000. CAWI Omnibus survey is comfortable 
for respondent, because it doesn’t require contact with stranger. Questionnaire can be filled by 
respondent at any time. CAWI Omnibus survey tool is inserted at fully controlled by us internet 
platform, thus respondent has constant access to survey in his house. Our CAWI Omnibus 
questionnaires are also placed at social networks, comprising numerous groups of potential 
respondents. Wide range of tool cause that sample subject to Omnibus survey is very diversified, 
and results of surveys reliable and surely encouraging strategic decisions. 
Due to using on-line tool, Client has constant access to current results and is able to control course 
of Omnibus. Omnibus is a cyclical survey, at the beginning of every weekend new turn starts. 
Thanks to cyclical nature, CATI Omnibus work well during measuring brand awareness, trend 
study or monitoring campaign effects, although we use it successfully in public opinion polling. For 
companies introducing new products we conduct product tests on design stage and later release