Fieldwork Department


CATI Study

For Your disposal we give studio of telephone interviews located in Be³chatów.
25 canvassers are working in area of 160 square meters.
Realisation of all kinds of surveys on samples from N=1 to N=10000.

Audio records of surveys followed by remote on-line control from administrative side,
gives You 100% certainty to highest quality of our surveys.
We give results in form most suitable for researchers. 

We realise projects on our own software DRB Support and also on our own servers. Script 
realisation included in cost of surveys. 
Spatial interview boxes based on DRB Support system.
Room for listening every position.

You can find us in heart of Be³chatów, 1 Maja 1 st.

CatiStudy CatiStudy


CatiStudy CatiStudy
CatiStudy CatiStudy

Znajd± Nas Państwo w sercu Be³chatowa, ul. 1 maja 1  

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